MG Road footpaths pay for missing out on TenderSURE

MG Road footpaths pay for missing out on TenderSURE

BWSSB digs up pavements to plug water leakage

A portion of the footpath on MG Road was partially dug up to plug water leakage.

The BBMP’s failure to build footpaths on MG Road under the TenderSURE project may cost it dearly. The civic body rebuilt the footpaths on the city’s showpiece street but failed to replace the underground utility lines. 

The well-laid pavements are now leaking as water pipelines have developed cracks. The BWSSB on Tuesday partially dug up the road and the footpath to repair the water pipelines that led to the leakage of water for almost 10 days. 

Kemparamaiah, the BWSSB’s engineer-in-chief, explained the difficulties in replacing water pipelines on a busy stretch like MG Road. “If it was a TenderSURE project, all utility lines, including water and sanitary pipelines, would get replaced. The contractor follows the prescribed rules by going in for large diameter pipelines.” 

Pipelines on MG Road are very old, like on Church Street, he said and wondered why the BBMP didn’t get them replaced while building the footpath. 

A local BWSSB engineer said they received frequent complaints of water leakage from MG Road. While the main feeder line is located under the road, individual feeder lines are laid below the footpath. Ideally, the pipelines should have been replaced, the engineer added. 

A contractor who carried out the TenderSURE work said it was extremely difficult to replace water and sanitary pipelines. “In some places, sewage water just flows out of the pipeline. Many of our workers refused to do the work,” he added. 

Explaining why the pipelines were not replaced, K T Nagaraj, Chief Engineer (Project Central & BSUP), BBMP, pointed to the metro line that passes through MG Road and the high cost of building TenderSURE footpaths. The Bangalore Metrorail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) shares 50% of the cost of building the footpath in metro corridors. 

“In metro corridors, only OFC and electricity cables have been taken through the ducts while the water and sanitary lines have not been touched,” he said. “Moreover, building a kilometre of TenderSURE footpath costs about Rs 11 crore. Maybe that’s why MG Road was not included.”

The footpath upgrade on MG Road

  • Built 3.5-km-long (2.10 km + 1.4 km) footpath from Anil Kumble Circle to Trinity Circle.
  • The road got paver blocks, concrete blocks, kerbs, underground cable ducts, LED streetlights and bollards. 
  • The project cost Rs 5.9 crore.