Minor crack on Hebbal flyover arm

Minor crack on Hebbal flyover arm

Officials to decide on traffic diversion

The Hebbal flyover has developed problems with its expansion joints, which are meant to absorb shocks and expansions and contractions. DH File photo

A minor crack on the Hebbal flyover that links the city to north Bengaluru and the airport, could result in a traffic nightmare as authorities are considering diverting vehicles on the key link.

The flyover has developed problems with its expansion joints, which are meant to absorb shocks and expansions and contractions.

Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) officials, traffic police, consultants and experts rushed to the site on Wednesday morning to take stock of the situation. They were informed about the problem at 11 pm on Tuesday by the traffic police. The problem is on the arm leading towards Hennur from the airport. Motorists plying on the stretch feel a thud and vibrations.

“This is the first time we have come across such an expansion joint problem at any flyover. To decide on the next course of action and ensure that there are no untoward incidents, a detailed report has been sought from all stakeholders. A meeting will be held on Saturday. Then the next course of action, including, whether traffic needs to be diverted, will be decided,” said an expert who inspected the site.

According to preliminary findings, since the drains and sewage lines passing below the flyover are clogged and there is heavy traffic movement, pressure has increased, leading to this error. Nothing can be commented about the bearings, but the complete structure needs a thorough look, an expert said.

This part of the flyover is being maintained by the National Highways Authority of India (NHIA). NHAI officials said they had acquired five metres of land for widening works and maintenance. They agreed to submit all details of the contractor, the works and the MoUs soon.

BDA officials sought a day’s time to ascertain when the last time the flyover underwent maintenance work. But experts pointed that it was never maintained. Ideally, maintenance work should be done at all sites once in five years. They also pointed out that passenger car per unit (PCU) on the flyover was more than double the Indian Road Congress standards. The PCU per hour per lane is 1,500 here, against the standard of 700.

Officials are now worried about the flyover since the problem is on the same side where multi-disciplinary infrastructure activities are coming up like widening and Metro rail. Thus, there is a need for a preventive audit.

BDA commissioner Rakesh Singh said that it was a minor issue and it will be fixed immediately.