Mixed voices from the villages of Bommanahalli zone

Mixed voices from the villages of Bommanahalli zone

Eleven years ago, 110 villages on the outskirts of the city were included under the Bruhath Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) limits. It was hoped that this reorganization would benefit people in these outlying area with better infrastructure, especially basic facilities such as decent roads, piped water supply and sanitation facilities.

To understand how far this initiative has been successful or otherwise, DH reached out to residents of many such areas, to find out the realities.

Ravi Arvind from Weavers Colony near Pilaganahalli complained that the roads are pathetic. “The main road is a only a little better. From kolifarm gate to the circle in our area, it is a struggle to commute daily as the road is not levelled out,” he explains.

The road, he says, dips and rises at odd angles every few metres. “In some places, the road has been dug up. The road work is only partially finished in some other places, and this has been aggravated after recent rains in this area,” says Ravi.

Although water pipelines have been laid in the area about three years ago, there is no water supply. “The residents are clueless as to when the water will start coming.”

Another area resident rues that there is no improvement in their situation. Elected officials only show up during elections and never bother to come to the area after that.

However, Gopal, a resident of Anjanapura in Bommanahalli zone, acknowledges that some work has happened in the area. “Things are alright here. Sewage lines are there in the area. Streetlights have also been put up. The people are not inconvenienced due to lack of basic facilities. However, there is lot of room for improvement,” he adds.

In Pilaganahalli, a long time resident Gowramma notes that the roads have not improved whatsoever. Things are exactly what they used to be before. In fact, authorities have dug up the road in many places to instal pipes. It is a complete mess now. Although the pipes were put long ago, the water supply is yet to begin. However, the sewage lines are good and there are no complains in that area, she says.

Mridula Dongre, who lives in Gollahalli under the Bommanahalli zone, says, “We are living here for a couple of years now. About five months ago, pipelines were laid in this area for Cauvery line, but the water connection has not been provided.”

The residents here have also been complaining about lack of streetlights without success. “We have been complaining about it for over a year now. The sad part is that the streetlight poles have been set up, but the lights are not working. I don’t know why this issue persists. We have talked to the local corporator, but to no avail,” says Dongre.

“In terms of sanitation, there are no complains. Whatever problems are there are negligible in that area. Certain facilities are there, but some others are lacking such as water and streetlights. No timeline has been given to us on the provision of water supply,” she adds.

Another area resident, Jaya Sudha says: “The corporator comes to the area sometimes and listens to us. Majorly, we have been facing an issue with the streetlights. They don’t work! Because of some technical issue, it has not been sorted out. They need to fix it at the earliest because it’s a new area and safety is a concern.”

The residents say they have spoken about this to their corporator and other concerned authorities. “But there is no change in the situation.”

Lack of water supply is a concern here too. “We have no supply and no timeline has been given as to when it will begun. Maybe by next election they will take notice and provide it,” she hopes.