Muslims being misled: Pro-CAA rallyists

Muslims being misled: Pro-CAA rallyists

People protest in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act in front of Town Hall in Bengaluru on Sunday. DH PHOTO/S K DINESH

Amid growing opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), supporters of the legislation held a rally in front of Town Hall here on Sunday to help raise awareness about the law. 

Meera Raghavendra, a social worker, said that she decided to hold the rally in order to get the message out that the CAA would not affect Indian citizens. 

“I think there is a lot of misinformation out there on what the CAA is and what it aims to do. People don’t seem to realise that Prime Minister Modi is trying to do good with this act,” Meera said. 

The rally, which attracted a crowd of about 300 people following a shoutout on social media, attempted to refute the idea that the CAA is anti-Muslim. When asked why people were protesting the law, Meera suggested that these anti-CAA rallies were drummed up. 

“Muslims in the lower segments of society are being misled by community leaders and the Congress party, which are adding fuel to a fire that should not exist. The only way to win these people back is by educating them on the CAA and what it does,” she added. 

When asked if the anti-CAA protesters would eventually succeed, Meera was blunt: “They also protested the Rafale deal? What happened then? The same thing will happen now.”