NLSIU alumni ask to end uncertainty over VC appointment

NLSIU alumni ask to end uncertainty over VC appointment

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The alumni association of NLSIU has called on the Chief Justice of India to fix a growing "leadership vacuum" at the university, prompted by the delayed appointment of the designated vice-chancellor.

In a letter dated September 13 to Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi, who holds the position of Chancellor of the University, the alumni association expressed concern that a leadership vacuum had been created at the university, which would "adversely affect the functioning of the institute and its future progress".

"We, therefore, request Your Lordship’s kind intervention... in the matter by communicating your confirmation as to the appointment of the vice-chancellor selected through the elaborate process established," the letter read.

Sudhir Krishnaswamy, an alumnus of NLSIU and Oxford University, was chosen as the NLSIU vice-chancellor in May 2019, following a rigorous selection process, which has since gone nowhere.

The university’s Student Bar Association assigns blame to the university registrar, alleging a conflict of interest. There has been little public comment on the matter by the registrar or the interim acting vice-chancellor, professor M K Ramesh.

A member of the alumni association who spoke to DH on the condition of anonymity said the association's letter was prompted by concerns that the due process was not being continued after the selection.

"Sudhir Krishnaswamy has gone through two processes of appointment. He was included in the shortlist of candidates made by the selection committee. The matter was then put before the executive council of NLSIU, which, through its subcommittee appointed for the purpose, selected him for appointment as vice-chancellor of NLSIU," the member said.

"All that is now required is the formal ministerial act of notifying the person, so they need to follow the rules and do it," the member added.

In an earlier phone call, Krishnaswamy expressed bewilderment over the delay, describing it as "not normal and unusual", but had said that he could not comment on the hold up as he was not privy to any of the goings-on at the university.

The CJI's office did not respond to an email query with regard to the matter.