Okalipuram corridor: no ease for jams at peak hour

Okalipuram corridor: no ease for jams at peak hour

Despite the first phase of the much-hyped eight-lane Okhalipuram corridor opened to the public, traffic jams seems commonplace though it is built, ironically, to ease congestion.

Managing traffic seems like a mammoth task for policemen, while commuters crawl through the crowded pathway. One of them, Govind R, is frustrated. “The massive project is pointless if we’ve to get stuck in traffic jams every day,” he said.

A crucial thread tying West Bengaluru with the city centre, traffic jams in the stretches at its worst during peak hours.

Commuters also say heavy rain fills the newly built underpasses with water, which are closed for traffic.

“The traffic police barricade the underpasses linking Railway Parallel Road with Vatal Nagaraj Road,” said Ramanand, another commuter. “We’re forced to go till railway head office and take a u-turn. This adds to the traffic snarls.”

BBMP chief engineer KT Nagaraj said traffic jams happen in the stretch since the project is not complete. He also said the project is sensitive and need to be handled with care since there are railway bridges along. The project envisages eight vehicular underpasses
and two pedestrian underpasses. The BBMP is said to have given Rs 257 crore to the railways to complete their end of the project, besides investing Rs 100 crore.

Former Chief Minister K Siddaramaiah inaugurated the first phase of the project on March 1, just before the election Model Code of Conduct came into effect.