Online thieves loot Rs 1.7 lakh from bank staff

Online thieves loot Rs 1.7 lakh from bank staff

Thieves hacked into the savings bank account of the assistant general manager of a nationalised bank, and looted Rs 1.7 lakh on November 13.

Sarat Panigrahi came to know about the fraud on Thursday, and registered a complaint with the Cyber Crime police.

Panigrahi who works at the Bank of Baroda's Jayanagar Branch, said in his complaint that he had not shared his account details with anyone. He had not made any online transactions using his debit card, but some one had hacked into his account, stolen details, and made online transactions, the complaint said. Surprisingly, Panigrahi did not receive any alerts from the bank.

A senior police officer with the cyber crime department said more than 4,000 cyber-crime related cases were registered this year, out of which nearly 80 percent of the complaints are related to online fraud and phishing. In majority of the cases, the account holders had shared account details like the One Time Password (OTP) with the fraudsters who contact them impersonating bank or RBI officials.

Police also said that banks never ask for the account details from customers and people should not share their account details or the OTP with anyone. If in case they receive calls they should visit the bank directly and clarify to prevent such incidents.