7-year-old gives new lease of life to five people

7-year-old gives new lease of life to five people

Shankar Badiger

A seven-year-old boy, who was declared brain-dead, gave a new lease of life to five people after his family donated his organs.

Shankar Badiger, an enthusiastic, bright child, developed problems in his eyes and resulting imbalance in April.

Doctors at the BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital diagnosed him with high-grade pontine glioma. Pontine gliomas are malignant or cancerous tumours that originate from the part of the brain known as the brainstem (pons). Shankar's cancer led to the cessation of activity in his brain, following which the doctors declared him brain-dead in July.

Shankar's parents, Shivakumar and Sunitha Badiger, decided to donate their son's organs. The doctors obliged to their request. His organs, including the heart, were transplanted to a 13-year-old girl. The kidneys and cornea were also donated.

A distraught Sunitha remembered her son as a cheerful giver and said even in death, he gave to others.

"We are happy that he lives through five different people," said Yacharesh, Shankar's uncle.  

Shankar is the grandson of national award-winning sculptor Basavaraj S Badiger, who specialised in wood carvings, including chariots for temples.

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