BCU V-C Prof Japhet thanks colleagues, principals

Outgoing BCU V-C Prof S Japhet thanks colleagues, principals

Prof S Japhet. Credit: PV photo.

Prof S Japhet, whose term as the vice-chancellor of Bengaluru Central University (BCU) ended recently, has thanked all colleagues, officers, advisers, members of the BCU syndicate and academic council and principals of affiliated colleges. 

In an official communication, Prof Japhet stated: “I am indebted to you for the support and the encouragement you offered in creating the basic plinth for the research and teaching, and employability of our graduates.

But our defining purpose went beyond. The initial mission document that many fathers of higher education helped shape and mould for the BCU identified a clear mission around innovation, impact and engagement with the city, with multiple communities, with a more integrative approach to business education. 

“When I took over in 2016, we had a long hard look at our capability and future direction, to visualise where we wanted to be as a leading city university, and how we wanted to be positioned in five years and in 10 years’ time.

“One major challenge that became apparent was that more integrative thinking and the deep collaboration it required met a constraint in the buildings we had with the labyrinth of corridors and disconnected spaces that are part of the chequered history of the Central College and of the historicity and culture of Bengaluru.”