Padarayanapura residents oppose road-widening project

Padarayanapura residents oppose road-widening project

Residents of Padarayanapura on Monday protested against the BBMP’s proposed road-widening project from Binny Mill Tank Bund Road to Vijayanagar.

The 25-feet-wide road - set to pass through Ranganatha Colony, Padarayanapura, Goripalya and Hosahalli Main Road - is slated to be widened to 80 feet. Local residents say that the road-widening will result in the demolition of their houses, shops and other buildings.

“A few days back, the BBMP issued a notification through newspapers that there will be a road-widening project in this stretch. The BBMP has declared that the residents who lose their property will not be compensated financially but will be given Transferable Development Rights only,” said N Ravi, Co-Convenor, Save Bangalore Committee.

The protesters were dispersed by the police, citing the election model code of conduct. Later, the residents and property owners submitted a complaint letter to the BBMP Commissioner, Manjunath Prasad.

Speaking to DH, Manjunath Prasad, said, “There is no need to panic since there is a model code of conduct. The project will not be taken up for three months. If residents don’t need the project, we will reconsider it.”