Workers at dry waste collection centres strike over pay

Workers at dry waste collection centres strike over pay

Workers of the dry waste collection centres stage a protest over pending wages outside Town Hall on Saturday. DH Photo

Workers at the dry waste collection centres staged a protest against the BBMP over pending wages.

The civic body recently settled the dues of pourakarmikas, who protested for seven months over delayed wages.

There are 71 dry waste collection centre workers with an equal number of assistants, some of whom have not been paid for over 11 months.

“Though salaries have been denied due to multiple reasons, we have not stopped working. But it is high time that the BBMP listens to us,” said Nalini Shekar, co-founder of Hasiru Dala and a representative of Dry Waste Collection Centre (DWCC) Operators’ Collective Association in the city that supports the workers’ quest for salaries due to them.

The workers collected the waste and gifted one of the bags to the officials of the BBMP at the head office. “This will remind them about us,” said Nalini.

After the protest, the workers from the south zone received their payments by the evening.

Officials assured that the workers will be paid by Wednesday next week. BBMP joint commissioner for solid waste management Sarfaraz Khan also assured that the outstanding wages will be cleared in a week or two.