Passion for sports united them

Passion for sports united them

Organs of the three donated

Passion for sports united them

The mangled remains of the car. (from top) Pradeep J Bhat, Prabod Kishore Behra and Richard Blancho. dh photo

Pradeep J Bhat, Prabod Kishore Behra and Richard  Blancho were passionate about sports and were excellent athletes. They had brought laurels to their alma maters by winning prizes in different games at national-level.

Pradeep, who was born and brought up in Bangalore, did his BCA in Kundapura. “Pradeep was a good volleyball player and had also represented Karnataka in junior national team when he was in college. He was also a good bowler,” Suhas, one of his family friends, told Deccan Herald.

Pradeep’s cremation will take place on Tuesday at Banashankari as his brothers are expected to arrive in the City on Monday.

Prabodh and Richard completed their MCA from Berhampur University in Orissa and were friends since their childhood.

Prabod was a good basketball player and represented Orissa in Hand Ball event at the national-level. Cricket was Richard’s passion and he played for Orissa state under-19 team when he was in College. He was an all-rounder. All the three had participated and won awards in different games conducted by their companies. Richard had settled down in K S Layout with his parents, while Prabod was staying with his brother.

Pradeep, Prabod and Richard had been friends for seven years. They became close after they started working with Infosys. Their friendship continued though Prabod and Richard joined different companies some three years ago. They always went as a group wherever they went. All the three were unmarried. The family members donated Pradeep’s eyes and heart. The families of Prabod and Richard donated the eyes of their boys.