Peacock killed by dog at Bangalore University

Peacock killed by dog at Bangalore University

The peacock that was attacked by a dog on the Bangalore University campus on Sunday.

A peacock was killed by the pet dog of a morning walker at the Bangalore University (BU) on Sunday morning.

Following the attack, university officials have decided to fence a few areas of the campus where peacocks and other birds are often sighted.

“The incident happened around 8.30 am. The dog bit the bird on its neck. Though we tried to save it, the attack proved to be fatal," said Renuka Prasad, professor, Geology department.

There have been instances in the past too, where pets let loose by walkers have attacked the birds in the area. Despite several warnings by ecologists and BU home guards, people continue to leave their pets unchained while they exercise. 

Peacock and peahen sightings are common at the university in the mornings and evenings. 

“We understand the campus is the best place for morning walks. But why get into the forest area along with your pet,” asks Renuka Prasad.

Sunday's incident happened almost half a kilometre inside the main road.

Students at the BU hostel and professors expressed unhappiness at the attitude of the forest officials who, they said, were initially careless when the incident about the national bird was reported.