Poor lift facility: REVA students delay for class

Poor lift facility: REVA students delay for class

The board displaying the time schedule to use the lift in the background as students rush to take the lift. DH Photo

REVA University students struggle every day to make it to their classes on time. Having eight floors, the university campus has only two lifts for thousands of students.

Students feel the management is deliberately negligent towards their grievance for many years, forcing them to take the steps to reach the classrooms on time.

A student requesting anonymity told DH, “We are crammed inside the lift. The lifts can accommodate a maximum of 20 people at a time, but they take in more than 25, putting our lives at risk. We don’t have any other option. There is also a separate time for us to use lift. Even if someone is severely ill or injured we are not allowed to take the lift until we submit a medical certificate. Sometimes we fall sick while in college. It gets difficult for female students during their periods. We have approached the authorities many times, but nothing has changed.”

Students also alleged that the two lifts directly go to the eighth floor from the first floor, forcing students to take the steps from the first floor or to get down from the eight floor.

“Does it make any sense to travel all the way eight floors and then get down to the fifth floor. We have also requested to implement the plans in a better way, but all the new rules or changes are making our lives miserable every day,” added another student.

However, when the management of REVA university was asked about the row, they denied the students’ allegations by saying that the lift is catering to all the floors.

“It is impossible to overload the lifts. If we overload them, the doors will not close. We have a time frame to use the lifts to make the students attend the assembly session before the class commences. Lots of students tend to miss it, so we have set a time limit to take the lift. “If students still have a problem they can always approach the management and we will look into the issue. We don’t compromise when it comes to students’ safety,” said Dr Ramesh, Dean, REVA University to DH.