Professors star in viral college fest video

Professors star in viral college fest video

Spoofing around

The spoof of 10 famous TV commercials features the faculty of every department of the college.

A video clip used as a filler between programmes at a college fest has gone viral. And for a change, it’s the faculty who have become the toast of social media.

The video by the II PU students of Kumarans PU College, Padmanabhnagar, features the faculty of all departments in spoofs of famous TV commercials. So you have ads of 5 Star (Ramesh-Suresh), Mentos, Fogg — all recreated by the professors of the college, and lapped up on Facebook.

The college fest was held in the last week of August and the videos of the event were not uploaded on any public platform for many days.

“Our college has a history of 28 years. One of our alumni got to know of the video and shared it on his Facebook wall. Now it has gone viral, as we have our students across the world. Our former students have liked the videos, and the faculty is receiving a lot of attention for their cool attitude,” a senior professor of the college told DH.

Chandan D C, an alumnus of the college, admits he is “so jealous of my juniors” who have some cool faculties around.

“These activities will actually bridge the gap between teachers and students. Until we do such events, we will not get to know the hidden talents of students and even teachers. I found it very innovative,” he said. The students have come up with the spoof of 10 famous TV commercials, where the faculty of every department has a role to play.

Raviraj Bhat, Principal, Kumarans PU College, is as happy as the students.

“They listened to us for a whole year... now we, the staff, did as directed by them. And they are all happy with our immature acting. It was the highlight of our fest. The students enjoyed it to the core.

We thought of limiting the act to our college, but one of the alumni took it to Facebook. I appreciate the creativity of our students, and I am glad that it reached our old students, giving them some fond memories,” he said.

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