Prospective roommate robs techie’s laptops

Prospective roommate robs techie’s laptops

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A software engineer in Whitefield was robbed of his three laptops on November 13 by a prospective roommate, who responded to his advertisement to share the accommodation.

The techie lodged a complaint with the Whitefield police, in which he said that the man who responded to his advertisement had taken away the devices.

The police said Ramesh M, working for a reputed MNC in East Bengaluru, had posted an advertisement on an online e-commerce website, seeking a roommate who could share his accommodation and the monthly rent of Rs 7,000.

Claiming that he was a software engineer recently transferred to the city, a man contacted Ramesh and asked for the details. He wanted to check out the place before he could finalise the deal.

Ramesh asked him to come to the accommodation in the morning before he was to leave for office, but the man delayed his visit, citing traffic. Nevertheless, Ramesh asked him to visit the place as his domestic help would be present at home.

The man checked out the room and told the domestic help that he liked the place and would take the offer. He told the maid that he would rest for a while as he was tired because he travelled overnight from Chennai. A few hours later, the man left the place with Ramesh’s laptops.

Ramesh called the man’s mobile and found it switched off. The techie told the police that three of his friends had rented the three-bedroom house. Since one of them got married and moved out, he and his friends were looking for another roommate to share the
space and the rent.