Pulakeshinagar Cong candidate wins by highest margin

Pulakeshinagar Cong candidate wins by highest margin

One of the most interesting aspects of the poll results is the margin of a candidate's victory. 

Both high and low margins of victory speaks volumes about the nature of the mandate of the people and the popularity of the candidates. 

This time, the Congress Party has witnessed both the ups and the downs, even in the margin.

The candidate who won by the highest margin in the city was Congress candidate R Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy. He won by a margin of 81,626 votes by securing 97574 votes against JD(S) candidate B Prasanna Kumar who secured 15,948 votes from Pulakeshinagar (SC) Constituency.

The lowest margin was also registered by Congress Candidate M Krishnappa who won by 2,775 votes. He secured 73,353 votes over 70,578 votes secured by BJP candidate H Ravindra from Vijay Nagar Constituency.

Srinivasa Murthy has always been favoured by residents of Pulakeshinagar for launching various public welfare schemes like arranging pension for senior citizens and the widows, providing ration cards to the needy people in the constituency reserved for the Scheduled Castes.

M Krishnappa, the current Housing Minister of Karnataka, is credited with various developmental projects in his constituency, but a wave of anti-incumbency could have resulted in his low margin victory.