Resident gets 10 fold increase in water bill

Resident gets 10 fold increase in water bill

Water bill

A resident of RT Nagar was in for a rude shock when his water bill increased by almost 10 times in just two months despite receiving the same quantity of water supply.

Ashok Madanna, a resident of MLA Layout in RT Nagar, used to receive just Rs 300 as his water bill, but the latest bill has increased to a shocking Rs 2,954.

Madanna says that the increase in the amount doesn’t stop here. The next month’s meter reading already shows a usage of 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 litres, which will be reflected in the next month’s bill and probably the bill amount would be close to Rs 15,000.

A complaint was registered with the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) about the sudden increase.

“The local BWSSB authorities’ explanation is that the ballcock in the sump was loose and floating in the water and hence the huge increase in the meter reading. I pointed out that if so much water had flooded the area, the house should be awash with it,” added Madanna.

However, later the authorities figured it out that it wasn’t water but air that was rushing through the meter that was making it spin 20 times faster. The authorities had informed Madanna to make the payment according to the bill amount and later to fix the ball valve and the meter.

R M Channabasavaiah, an assistant executive engineer of the area, said that only an inspection can ascertain the exact cause for the increase in the charges.

“If the fault lies with the board, then the increased amount will be waived, but if the problem is at the consumer’s end, then the amount will have to be paid,” he added.

BWSSB officials have visited his house and advised to close the valve as well as the meter and to check the level to the sump for any seepage.

The authorities have also said that if there was a need, they would check the water meter by testing it in the laboratory to know the reason for faulty meter reading.