Rs 14 lakh stolen from Bescom office

Rs 14 lakh stolen from Bescom office

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A cash management company has lodged a complaint of theft of Rs 14 lakh at a Bescom office in Ashok Nagar on Tuesday.

According to the police, Kumar, an employee of the company handling Bescom’s transactions, had come to the Bescom office on Hosur Road to collect the money. He also had Rs 6 lakh from the other Bescom offices.

Bescom officials handed over Rs 8 lakh. He left the money in the cash counter and went out for tea with other officials after locking the cash room. When they returned 10 minutes later, they found the cash room door open and the money missing.

The police said whenever Kumar came to collect the money at the Bescom office, he would often go out with other staff to have tea.

The police suspect the involvement of an insider in the office, who was aware of their routine. They also knew that there were no CCTV cameras and no security guards to look after the cash counter, the police added.

Further investigations are under way.