Rubik’s Cube tiger portrait a world record

Rubik’s Cube tiger portrait a world record

A tiger's portrait created with Rubik's cubes, which made it to the Guinness Book of World Records, in the city on Sunday. DH PHOTO/S K DINESH

Over 300 citizens pulled off a Guinness World Record in a giant Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

In a first, people gathered at the Gopalan Mall on Bannerghatta Road on Sunday to create the Rubik’s Cube portrait of a tiger, led by Rubik’s Cubes Solution Trainer and Mosaic artist, Prithveesh K.

The tiger portrait was achieved with over 300 participants, 300 solves and 1,200 cubes in about six hours. 

Navya Ramesh Acharya, a seven-year-old participant, said this was her first time with the cube. “I started playing with the Rubik’s Cube in April,” she said.

Shwetha Satyamurthy came from Chitradurga with brother Karthik Satyamurthy, who lives in Bengaluru. The duo wanted to make a contribution towards tiger conservation.

Karthik said events should also be held to create awareness on protecting trees in Bengaluru.