Saving govt schools with music on Church St

Saving govt schools with music on Church St

Church Street wore a different look on Friday evening. It was packed with musicians, NGOs, artistes, schoolchildren and volunteers from the ‘Save Government Schools’ movement. They had gathered to urge the authorities not to close down government schools.

Participants played the drums, danced, sang and performed to make people aware of the importance of education and government schools.

Actor-director Rishab Shetty, Grammy award winner Ricky Kej, movement head Anil Shetty and schoolchildren released the Save Government Schools anthem. 

Rishab told reporters: “Government schools should be saved. There is a fear among parents that those in government schools do not learn English and are not prepared for the world. This is a wrong notion. The foundation of many people working in multinational companies has been laid in government schools. People pursuing their career in Bengaluru and other cities should stand up for the government schools in their villages.” 

Anil said that so far volunteers visited 34 government schools in various districts under the campaign, which has been on for the past three months.