Yoga Day: special sessions at schools, corporate houses

Yoga Day: special sessions at schools, corporate houses

Students perform the dance yoga at the PES Institute of Technology in Bengaluru on Thursday. DH PHOTO

Educational institutions, corporate houses, public sector units and NGOs celebrated World Yoga Day on Thursday.

A unique session of blindfold yoga had visually challenged participants perform the asanas with members of Confederation of Indian Industries and students of the Sankara College of Optometry at Shankara Eye Hospital.

A class six student who is visually challenged, Rohan was pleasantly surprised to have the invitation to practice yoga. His excitement was doubled when he learnt that others are also taking part in the yoga session with a blindfold.

At Greenwood High, a father-son duo performed of several asanas. Since Fathers’Day was close by, several parents were invited to perform yoga.

The event aimed to popularise the practice of yoga among younger and older generation.

A special yoga session was conducted in Trio World School to which parents were invited.