Bengaluru schools to snoop on children on V-Day

Bengaluru schools to snoop on children on V-Day

No cards, no red dress

The associated managements of private schools in Karnataka (KAMS) has sent out a note of “caution” to its member schools regarding the measures they ought to take for Valentine’s Day.

It has asked teachers and members of the Parent Teacher Association to conduct random checks of children’s bags to ensure they are not carrying “materials that are not permitted” and confiscate them.

“Children fall for the idea of love even as minors. This creates a lot of physical and mental pressure on them. There have been incidents of groupism, murder, risk-taking and physical abuse reported on this day. This leaves a negative effect on the minds of children,” the note reads.

Shashi Kumar D, general secretary, KAMS, has sought that parents be watchful on Valentine’s Day and said that schools have to pass an order that no exchange of greeting cards, chocolates or gifts takes place on the day.

Money matters

“There could be incidents where children ask parents for money on false pretexts or even indulge in thefts. They could also borrow money from others. Parents and teachers must not dismiss this as an age-related issue,” he said.

Kumar has warned parents and schools to be observant about their children’s whereabouts on the day as they might head out to watch movies or spend time in schools.

“Children could wear red colour on Valentine’s Day as it is believed to signify love. Parents must keep a watch on this. There have been instances where children leave for schools in uniforms but find a place elsewhere to change into red-coloured clothes. Children must be advised not to indulge in such activities,” he wrote.

Member schools have been asked to send either voice messages or SMS to parents in this regard.