Skateboarding fever hits Bengaluru

Skateboarding fever hits Bengaluru

A youth skateboards on MG Road on Thursday. DH Photo

Amid the celebration of World Yoga Day and World Music Day on June 21, a group of youngsters on MG Road from different parts of the country was in the city celebrated another unique day —'World Go Skateboarding Day'. 

Carrying the skateboards in their hands, the young lads stumped people on MG Road with their impressive stunts on the pedestrian path and on the road divider. 

Talking about the growth of skateboarding in the country, Somanna, the chief of the Holystoked skatepark and the organiser of the event, said: "It’s becoming one of the most happening sports in India. Earlier, we used to rarely see people involved in the sport, but now, there is at least one new skatepark every month in different parts of the country." 

When Somanna was asked whether Go Skateboarding Day has lost its charm between Yoga and Music Day, he said: "Yoga and music are just parallel to this sport. In health aspect, it provides a similar benefit as yoga and the same relaxation that music provides."