Smart water meters to gauge individual consumption

Smart water meters to gauge individual consumption

Frustrated with dried-up borewells and hulking water tanker charges, the residents of Bellandur and other parts of South-east Bengaluru are striving hard to manage water crisis. There is a growing interest for smart water metering among the apartment communities.

To keep track of individual water usage in each home, apartment and other places, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) is framing a policy to make smart water metering mandatory.

This, to be implemented shortly, will gauge individual water consumption of different connections within various establishments.

According to BWSSB officials, the move is intended to protect those who use water sensibly from paying an excess amount.

“Residents welfare associations of apartments usually divide the month's water bill among all the constituent houses. Consequently, there is a possibility of some people being excessively charged though their water use is comparatively minimal. By installing smart meters, RWAs can charge each resident the exact amount for their respective water consumption,” BWSSB's maintenance chief engineer Gangadhar told DH.

As each home in an apartment complex has a separate water connection from an overhead tank, the BWSSB will propose the associations to install smart meters at individual lines on rooftops. The meters will show individual readings, to be charged accordingly thereafter. “This brings transparency and creates awareness among people who use more compared to others, and helps sensible water consumption,” the official added.

Smart meters are already functional in many large apartment complexes and IT parks in the city. This helps them save 60% water every month.

The BWSSB will be conducting a workshop in association with people who are already using smart meters to create further awareness. Smart meters can be installed by those who have rented their houses too. The system will cost anywhere between Rs 1,000-2,000.

"This is a move that will definitely make a difference,” added Gangadhar.