Student booked for wheelie stunts in RT Nagar

The photograph of the wheelie stunt posted by Manohar on his Facebook page.

A 22-year-old student was booked by the traffic police for performing wheelie stunts after he posted the videos of his stunts on his social networking sites in North Bengaluru.

The R T Nagar traffic police picked up Manohar, after going through his posts and tracking him through his Facebook ID and his mobile number, a senior police officer said. His bike was also seized and the rider, who was booked for riding dangerously and endangering the safety of himself and others, was slapped with a court fine of Rs 2,000.

According to the police, they started getting calls from shopkeepers and residents on R T Nagar main road complaining about a few youths regularly doing wheelie stunts in the area. The police also learnt that when a rider and a pillion perform the stunts, bikers following and leading them would shoot the stunts on their mobile phones. After the shoot is over, they upload the videos on Facebook and share them among friends flaunting their stunts, a senior police officer said.

The R T Nagar traffic police went through Manohar's posts after tracking him on Facebook. They later traced his mobile number and address and picked him up. “They perform these stunts without helmets when the streets are full of school and college students, who come out after the school hours,” a senior police officer said.

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Student booked for wheelie stunts in RT Nagar


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