Students claim SSLC Science exam too tough

Students claim SSLC Science exam too tough

After fairly easy English, Kannada, and Mathematics exams, SSLC students were disappointed on Monday with a difficult Science question paper.

Many teachers and students said the questions were difficult to understand and some of them were out of syllabus.

"There are some rules to be followed while setting a question paper. Rural and government school students should also be kept in mind while framing the questions paper. The questions were too tough," said Rajeshwari, a high school teacher in Rajajinagar.

She said even some teachers had trouble understanding the questions and added this would badly affect the results unless grace marks were awarded.

Voicing a similar concern, Soumya, a Science teacher in a private school, also said that the paper was tough.

"There is a blueprint for setting question paper. According to this, there should be 20% of tough questions, 30% of general questions, and 50% easier questions. But here, even teachers may have to think for a while before answering, It was that difficult," she said.

Brahmesh, a student, said he is not expecting to score more than 40 marks.

"I have attended the exam in Kannada medium. The first three papers were easy. But in the Science exam, we had to read the questions repeatedly to understand. I had used previous years question papers to prepare but the actual paper was entirely different," he said.

Sumangala V, director of the Karnataka Secondary Education and Examination Board (KSEEB) said the question paper followed the blueprint and questions were not out of syllabus.

She said many students had found the paper easy and only those who had not prepared well, had complaints about the paper.

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