Sunscalded trees to get soothing balm this Holi

Sunscalded trees to get soothing balm this Holi

Paint them white

Volunteers of Heartfulness Green apply a mixture of herbal extract and natural lime to a tree in Thrissur, Kerala, on Monday.

Thousands of trees in the city that die or get affected due to sun scalding and insect attacks will get a new life this Holi, as a group of youths has come to their rescue.

The Heartfulness Green has launched an initiative ‘PeaceTrees’ in over 40 cities across India, where they will paint the trees with a mixture of herbal extract and natural lime. In Bengaluru, the event is scheduled to be held in Indiranagar on the day of Holi.

“This initiative will be carried out to give a special meaning to the festival. Heartfulness, its partner organisations and local communities aim to spread the message of peace by applying this mixture on the trees on the festival of colours,” Sourabh Shinde, the organiser of the campaign told DH

“Painting trees with the mixture of lime and herbal extract helps protect them from the scorching summer heat, termites, insects, infections and cracking of the bark. So Holi is not just about playing with colours. We want to make it eco-friendly,” Shinde added. Beside painting trees, the campaign also includes planting endemic tree saplings. The month-long event is scheduled in over 40 cities all over the country.

Sourabh said: “The initiative is very economical. To paint 500 trees, it will cost us anywhere between Rs 700 and Rs 1,000. It is the same amount an individual or a group spends to celebrate to get Holi colour. So its not hefty on our pockets.” More than 500 volunteers are said to be taking part in the campaign and the number is expected to cross thousand.