Teen beats mom, video goes viral

Teen beats mom, video goes viral

A teenage boy beat up his mother with a broom for scolding him over his bad habits. 

A video of the shocking incident, shot by a woman neighbour and posted on social media, has gone viral. Police have opened a case on their own and are hunting for the teen who has gone absconding. 

The boy, aged around 16, who studies at a private college in southern Bengaluru, was particularly angry because his mother had spoken to his friends and asked them to stay away from him. 

The woman had become worried after her son got into bad company and took to drinking. She spoke to her husband about the matter and the couple scolded the teen. She was particularly vocal. The boy became enraged and would regularly abuse and beat her up. 

Things came to a head after a woman neighbour, sitting in the family’s home, witnessed the boy’s violent behaviour and filmed him on her phone. The video also shows the boy’s mother wailing and pleading with him to spare her. 

DCP (South) K Annamalai stumbled upon the video and instructed the jurisdictional Chennammanakere Acchukattu police to open a case without waiting for a complaint to be lodged. A police team later went to the family’s home and was surprised to learn about the boy’s age. The mother requested the police not to open a case, fearing for her safety. But the police convinced her. 

The teen has been booked for assault and the matter has been brought to the notice of the Child Welfare Committee which may decide on counselling him or sending him to the state-run juvenile centre.