The various ways to scam TDR

The various ways to scam TDR

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1. TDR for government land

* Select a piece of government land where a road expansion project is planned. 
* Create a fictitious owner for the government land with the help of officials and agents. 
* Get land records in the fictitious owner's name and subsequently the TDR for the land. 
* Sell the TDR to agents by issuing the general power of attorney (GPA, who subsequently sells it to real estate companies. 

2. TDR by impersonation

* Identify a private land owned by x. 
* Get another person to impersonate the landowner before the authorities. 
* The impersonator will be issued the TDR by officials. 
* The impersonator then relinquishes the land and sells it off to a real estate company. 

3. Inflated TDR

* Inflate the amount of land lost by an owner of the land and get the TDR which is several times the value of the land lost. 
* Sell the inflated TDR via agents to real estate companies. 

4. TDR of revenue layouts

* Contact the owner of a revenue layout located in an area where road expansion is taken up. 
* Agents and companies involved in the scam contact the owner. 
* The companies keep the owners of smaller sites in the layout in the dark and apply for the TDR. 
* The TDR is issued to the owner of the whole layout, who then sells it to a private firm. 
* Even roads maintained by the BBMP are relinquished for TDR rights to benefit private parties.