Thieves drill into shop to steal clothes

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Burglars looting gold by boring their way into jewellery shops is known. But thieves drilled a hole into a ready-made garment shop’s wall and made away with night pants and jerkins worth Rs 97,000 in Cottonpet.

The garment shop owner Noorullah (51), filed a complaint with the Cottonpet police saying thieves drilled a hole big enough to let a 14-year-old boy crawl into his shop on the intervening night of November 15 and 16. He found his shop ransacked and found around 400-night pants and jerkins missing.

The police suspect the miscreants could have drilled into the shop hoping to access a bank situated above the readymade shop. But since they failed, they escaped with the garments. The shopping complex on A S Char Street in Chickpet had let out its premises to the garment shop and a bank on the floor above.

The Cottonpet police have taken up a case of theft and are investigating further.


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Thieves drill into shop to steal clothes


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