Ambulance services scale up for New Year celebrations

Ambulance services scale up for New Year celebrations

Ambulances are due to be deployed near police stations, government hospitals and fire stations

Credit: 108 Ambulance

Additional 108 Ambulance Service vehicles will be deployed near accident hotspots in major cities across the state including the capital, as data shows that there is a 30 to 35 per cent spike in accidents during New Year's Eve celebrations. 

In a statement, the ambulance service said it will liaise directly with a senior officer in police control rooms in cities such as Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Belgaum and Mangalore, where New Year celebrations are likely to peak, to reach possible accident locations quickly.

According to a spokesperson from 108, the accident hotspots in Bengaluru are centered around Airport pad, K R Puram, Bannerghatta Road, Nice Road and Anekal.

The deployment plan takes into account the fact that mobile phone networks are likely to be congested between 11.45 pm and 12.30 am on the night of December 31/January 1.

As a consequence, ambulances are due to be deployed near police stations, government hospitals, fire stations and will be fed information on accidents through the police wireless network.

Based on data from accidents in previous years, the ambulance service said it has identified locations with a maximum probability of accidents in all these cities, adding that all scheduled service and maintenance of ambulances had been completed in advance to ensure the maximum deployment of ambulances. Extra ambulances will be deployed in areas where higher emergencies are expected.

On average, around 10 per cent of the service’s 711 ambulances are unavailable. The highest number of 71 ambulances and 19 Bike Ambulances will be deployed in Bengaluru. The service said leaves of all call center and ambulance staff have been canceled to ensure that maximum manpower is available.