Back to School initiative for IIMB alumni

Back to School initiative for IIMB alumni

The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) is providing an opportunity for its alumni with the 'Back to School' option, an initiative aimed at further enhancing their knowledge about the latest developments in their field.

Back to School will cater to the alumni to reconnect with the institute. This would help strengthen the bond between the alumni and the institute.

In a release, IIMB director professor G Raghuram said: “IIMB has been committed to the continuous learning objectives of working professionals for many years. This initiative provides an opportunity to our older alumni to get to speed on the latest trends in management thought and action.”

According to K Kumar, Dean, Alumni Relations and Development, the IIMB recognises the importance of adding value to the personal and professional growth of the alumni. "Our alumni are our assets and ambassadors, and our relationship with them goes beyond time spent on campus. This is our way of giving back to our alumni,” he says in the release.

The applications, however, would be reviewed for suitability to the programme. The Alumni Relations Office and Executive Education Office are jointly facilitating the process for the alumni.