BU revises hostels' menu in 'war' against Covid-19

Bangalore University revises hostels' menu in war against Covid-19

The University has also directed its affiliated colleges to compulsorily start meditation and yoga classes

Bengaluru University Vice Chancellor Dr K R Venugopal. Credit: DH Photo/Anand Bakshi.

To bolster students’ immune system to keep Covid-19 at bay, the Bangalore University has revised the food menu at the hostel, including kashaya, boiled eggs, mosambi and banana.

The inclusion of these foods to improve students’ health will come into effect from Monday.

“It is necessary for students to drink kashaya before going to bed at night and the same will be prepared in the kitchen and served to all of them,” said Prof KR Venugopal, Vice-Chancellor, BU.

While the boiled egg will be given during the morning coffee time or with breakfast, fruits will be served at lunch.

“Immunity is very important during these pandemic times and consuming healthy food is one of the ways to keep good health. That is why we have included eggs and fruits,” Prof Venugopal said.

The food will be only available to the 400 of 1,400 plus final-year students residing at the hostel.

Yoga classes, meditation

Bangalore University has directed its affiliated colleges to compulsorily start meditation and yoga classes.

Students at the university campus must do yoga, meditate and walk to keep Covid-19 at bay, a release stated. 

During its visit to colleges, the Local Inquiry Committee (LIC) will look for yoga instructors, which is a must to renew affiliation. Increasing the intake will also depend on it.