Consistent effort key to city CBSE toppers' success

Consistent effort key to city CBSE toppers' success

CBSE toppers in the city: (from left) Ananya, Aparna and Jeffin.

All five toppers from the state in the CBSE class 12 exams are from the city. Being attentive in the classroom and reading the textbooks thoroughly helped them score high.

The Central Board for Secondary Education announced the results for class 12 exams on Thursday. Ananya R Burli of BGS National Public School said consistent work helped her ace the exams.

“I dedicated two to three hours everyday to read throughout the year. I worked on practice papers and teachers helped a lot,” Ananya told DH.

An attempt to outdo the rank holders from previous years kept Ananya motivated. She likes chemistry and hopes to pursue engineering.

Jeffin Biju’s brother, his role model, was a topper too and went on to pursue engineering at IIT Madras. Jeffin, from the Chaitanya Techno School, secured 493.

“NCERT books helped a lot along with previous year’s question papers. I studied for six to eight hours a day and did not take any extra tutorials,” said Jeffin. 

Having scored a 10 CGPA in class 10, Jeffin took MPC in 12th. He is interested in physics. His hobbies include watching videos of Nobel laureates, sport and news. He is working towards completing his JEE Advanced Paper.

Kaustubh Roy, another student of the National Public School, Koramangala, secured 491. Kaustubh found English hard. So he focused on that. He said he mostly read the textbook leisurely and did not make notes as that would be very time consuming. His primary motivation was to live up to his expectations. He hopes to study at the IISc and is interested in physics like Jeffin.

Aparna V Gupte of the National Public School, Indiranagar, said that making notes helped her excel. She studied 9-10 hours before the exams. She loves playing the piano and plans to take up math, computer science and linguistics later on.