Gang abducts sub-registrar for 10 hrs to avenge

Drives him around city outskirts, warns him not to 'harass' people

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A gang of four abducted a 59-year-old senior sub-registrar on Thursday evening and drove him blindfolded to the outskirts of Bengaluru for about 10 hours before dumping him near his Kanakapura home early on Friday morning with a warning not to harass people. 

Rangaswamy, set to retire in 10 months, was kidnapped from near a police outpost in Shanthinagar around 5.50 pm when he was on his way to the Lalbagh metro station to go home.

A car drove up all of a sudden. Before he could react, a few men stepped out, pounced on him, shoved him into the car and drove off. 

The gang turned the car’s music system at full volume when Rangaswamy tried to raise an alarm.

The men also sprayed a chemical on his face before making him blindfolded. 

As the car zipped away, the men upbraided Rangaswamy for meting out “injustice” to many people and said he must compensate for it. They forced him to call up his wife and inform her that he would come home late as he is with “some friends”. When he did as told, the gang snatched his mobile phone. 

The gang didn’t stop at that.

The men warned Rangaswamy of dire consequences if failed to approve the applications of all the people who had approached him at the sub-registrar’s office in the recent past.

The gang drove around for almost 10 hours and dumped him near the NICE Road
junction in Thalaghattapura, South Bengaluru, around 4 am. 

Rangaswamy somehow reached home and narrated his ordeal to his family which got him admitted to a hospital as he appeared exhausted. His heart disease became worse and his blood sugar and blood pressure levels were also

The senior sub-registrar later filed a complaint at the Wilson Garden police station that has jurisdiction over Shanthinagar. 

Police have opened a case of kidnap and criminal intimidation under various sections of the IPC.

They are trying to identify the car with the help of CCTV footage.

A senior police officer said Rangaswamy was not sure why exactly he was

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