Not against anyone's livelihood: Indiranagar residents

Not against anyone's livelihood: Indiranagar residents

Member of 'I Change Indiranagar' at Press Club of Bangalore. (DH Photo)

Member of 'I Change Indiranagar' on Wednesday cleared that they are not against anyone's livelihood. In the press conference held to counter the recent protest by the workers of the pub and other hang out establishments, residents of Indiranagar along with the residents of the CBD area asked the pub owners to first ensure the safety of their workers and then talk about the loss of jobs.

They mocked the silent protest of the pub workers and said, "They have created a hell lot of noise pollution and now they are doing silent protest." 

Terming the recent protest was held to gain public sympathy, the residents appealed to the government to help ensure that all its departments enforce the current rules and regulations in spirit and law. 

"Some of these rules are in place for their employees' well being. We fail to understand how in the pubs and commercial establishments people are blind to this fact and are given an emotional twist to staff losing jobs. They are using their employees as pawns to move their agenda of capitalism and profiteering ahead. Their approach of threatening the government with a larger protest is an arm twisting tactic ensure lacks regulations just for them. How that even a fair demand,? Asks Sneha Nandihal, a member of I change Indiranagar.