Opposition slams BBMP for inaction over TDR scams

Opposition slams BBMP for inaction over TDR scams

Padmanabha Reddy speaks during the BBMP council meeting. Photo/Ranju P

The opposition slammed the BBMP for inaction over TDR scandals, where transferable development rights were sold to large builders who are constructing multi-storied buildings using the facility in the heart of the city.

During the council meeting on Saturday, the opposition council members said that transferable development rights (TDR) are helping builders expand their territories, especially in the central business district of the city.

“With TDR, there are some exemptions that builders enjoy. The builders need not seek permits for buildings or pay taxes with TDRs. They are expanding buildings in major commercial areas of the city and the BBMP is losing revenue because of this,” said Padmanabha Reddy, opposition leader pertaining to 2,220 properties for which the BBMP has issued TDRs between 2005 and 2015.

According to opposition leaders, as much as seven to eight lakh square kilometres of land has been utilised by builders in the CBD. The BBMP has issued TDR for 22.08 lakh square metres of land so far.

He also pointed out that the BBMP has made no attempt to acquire assets given up under TDR.

“I have obtained documents under RTI. Transactions worth thousands of crores have been made, and this will surpass the 2G scam,” he said.

He insisted that the BBMP carry out a comprehensive investigation into the TDR “scam”.