REVA on awareness drive against drunken driving

REVA on awareness drive against drunken driving

Photo: Prajavani

The party hubs of Koramangala and Indiranagar in South-Eastern parts of Bengaluru were on Monday replete with messages on the effects of drunken driving.

Targetting the party-goers, more than 50 students from REVA University held awareness walk and spread the message against the menace across the area.

The students took out a walkathon spanning five kilometres from the Forum Mall to different parts of Koramangala displaying banners and placards which read: 'Don’t Drink and DrIvE' 'Arrive Alive' 'Temporary fun with permanent consequences.'

A street play in front of the Forum Mall attracted many passersby.

Hansraj Biradar, a journalism student at Reva University, said: “We had conducted a similar programme last year. Our objective is to reach out to more and more public, as the number of accidents due to drunken driving is increasing every year.”

Syed Mohammed Salman, a student from the same college said: "India witnessed about 5,000 deaths due to drunken driving, which accounts for 5% of overall road deaths. If we can bring a small change with this initiative it can definitely serve the purpose of road safety. We need to request the public, and make them part of this intuitive,” he said.