Type 2 diabetes on the rise in people under 30

Type 2 diabetes on the rise in people under 30


Those with type 2 diabetes below the age of 30 are on the increase, city doctors say on the World Diabetes Day celebrated on November 14.

Dr Srinath A, Consultant Endocrinologist, BGS Gleneagles Global, said diabetes is not just restricted to the older generation. “This disease leads to complications in many parts of the body,” he said. “Diabetes is diagnosed among the younger population. It affects more than 72 million Indians, more than 8.8% of the adult population.”

While cases of type 2 diabetes in patients below 30 was 5% nearly five years ago, it has now gone up by 8 -10%, Dr Srinath said. “A major reason is Indians are genetically predisposed to develop diabetes at an earlier age,” he added.  

He said early diabetes is a result of lifestyle changes, stress, migration and environmental factors   that result in poor glycemic control in India. “Ideally one should exercise five times a week, follow regular and healthy diet (small quantities at regular intervals), avoid binge eating and rich, spicy food,” Dr Srinath added.

Dr Subramanian Kannan, Consultant, Endocrinology, Narayana Health City, said there is a yearly increase in incidence of diabetes -both Type 1 and 2- in children.  

“This’s a silent disease and its symptoms aren’t usually visible unless it’s very severe. Some indications when it gets severe are sudden weight loss, extensive thirst and frequent urination. This’s more common in type 1 diabetes than in type 2,” he said.

Dr Kannan said out of 50 obese children they had seen in the last three months, around four are meeting the criteria for diabetes.

WhatsApp group

On World Diabetes Day, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital launched a free WhatsApp support group to dispel myths and clarify patients’ doubts on diabetes. The WhatsApp group number -9108686400- was released in the city on Thursday.

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