Traffic cop assaulted by biker caught jumping signal

Traffic cop assaulted by biker caught jumping signal

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A biker assaulted a traffic police constable after he was stopped for overspeeding at the Thubarahalli junction in Whitefield on Sunday.

The motorist, identified as Karthik, even called an accomplice to threaten the 26-year-old constable Avinash N, attached to the Whitefield traffic police station.

According to Avinash, while he was on duty at the busy junction, he noticed a motorist trying to jump the red signal. Avinash shouted at him to stop his bike and wait for the signal to turn green.

Instead of obliging, Karthik rode his bike to the middle of the junction, parked it across the road and challenged the constable to book a case against him. Heated arguments ensued between the two, but Karthik did not budge. This led to a serpentine traffic jam for over two kilometres.

Avinash informed his superior officers about the incident, and ordered Karthik to move his bike. The officer also told him that he would be booked for obstructing traffic. This further enraged Karthik, who grabbed Avinash's collar and roughed him up in full public view.  Following this, Karthik fled the spot. Avinash noted down the vehicle's registration number and lodged a complaint with the Whitefield police.