TTEs thrash four people formoving around on platform

TTEs thrash four people formoving around on platform

Two travelling ticket examiners (TTEs) are facing allegations of assaulting four men whom they suspected had not bought platform tickets at the Yeshwantpur railway station.

The four victims identified as Moor Salim Ahmed (29), Musthaqim (22), Jameer (26), and Akthar (22) were confined in a room where they were punched and kicked after they refused to pay Rs 15,000 as fine demanded by the TTEs.

The incident happened around 7 pm on Tuesday, when the four, including two brothers, had gone to see off their two friends travelling to their native place Malda town in West Bengal. While Salim Ahmed and his two travelling friends came earlier, his brother, Musthaqim and two others came later to join them. The three were standing near the platform ticket counter to purchase tickets when the two TTEs identified as Parvindar Kumar Chowdhary and Nithin approached them and demanded their tickets.

While Salim had his ticket, the three told the TTEs they had just purchased it. The TTEs fumed at the trio thinking they bought the tickets after they noticed them and demanded that they pay Rs 15,000 as fine for which Salim replied he only had Rs. 600.

Irked by the answer, Chowdhary abused the trio and with the help of his colleague Nithin dragged the four into a room and kicked them for around 10 minutes, Salim said in his complaint.

Despite their repeated pleas that they have the tickets, the TTEs continued to assault them. After they were let off, the victims approached the railway police and lodged a complaint. The police also took them to a hospital where their medical tests were done
. “But by the time, FIR was going to be registered, the TTEs informed their higher-ups that they were assaulted by the men when questioned for platform tickets,” Salim told DH.

“One of the TTEs tore his shirt himself and came to the police station and threatened to file a counter complaint of assault on a public servant while discharging his duties,” Salim added.

The victims then approached an NGO – Movement For Justice and were adamant that they wanted to lodge a complaint.

Chowdhary later mellowed down and asked the victims not to lodge a complaint.

FIR yet to be registered

The police are yet to register an FIR against the TTEs. “I have instructed my subordinates to register a case, but I also heard there were some talks between both parties, but we will register an FIR,” said Railway Superintendent of Police, Chaitra.