Tuskers cross Nice Road, commuters panic

Tuskers cross Nice Road, commuters panic

According to forest department officials the tuskers are now camping in BM Kaval reserve forest. (Image source: Twitter/@madhukarabhat)

A herd of tuskers trying to migrate from Bannerghatta towards Tamil Nadu caused mass panic among commuters at the NICE junction in Kengeri on Friday night.

The tuskers were confused and were stuck near the Nice Road Kengeri junction till early Saturday morning.

According to forest department officials, the tuskers are now camping in BM Kaval reserve forest..

The sudden entry of the 6 bulls sent shock waves among commuters which led to a huge traffic jam on Saturday morning. 

"Things are under control now, there is nothing to worry about. The elephants were scared and had lost their way. This happens regularly during the migratory time of elephants. Humans come into close contact with elephants as they have encroached upon the elephant corridor and habitat," an official from ground told DH.

The confused tuskers were shocked to see commuters and stood their ground. The team was trying to drive them back to Bannerghatta National Park but have been unable to do so. The operations will resume after 4 pm on Saturday. The elephants seem to be keen to move towards Magadi. So the team will drive them that side. The aim is to ensure that there is no elephant-human conflict. Since its an all-young tusker group, extra caution needs to be taken, the official added.