Two brave brothers fight off armed robbers, catch one

Two brave brothers fight off armed robbers, catch one

In a brave act, a 34-year-old engineer and his younger brother fought a gang of five armed robbers, who held their parents hostage at their farmhouse in Suryanagar on the outskirts of the city on Wednesday.

The brothers also managed to catch one of the robbers. However, the other four escaped with two mobile phones and a gold chain.

In the fight that lasted for about 15 minutes, Sudhakar Reddy, his younger brother Chandan Reddy and their parents Narayan Reddy and Muniratnamma sustained injuries. 

In his complaint to police, Sudhakar said he, along with his parents, grandmother and younger brother and his wife were living in a duplex house in Ramasagara village.

On Wednesday, the family was retiring to sleep at around 9.15 pm.
Narayan Reddy had gone out to fetch milk. However, when he was returning, the gang of armed men barged into the house and forced Narayan into his bedroom. They assaulted him with a knife when he resisted.

Hearing the commotion, Sudhakar and Chandan rushed downstairs and saw three men guarding the front door of their house.

They fled after noticing the brothers.

The brothers then rushed to the bedroom where they saw one of the men attacking their father with a knife while the other held a knife to the neck of their mother Muniratnamma.

Sudhakar lunged at the man attacking his father while Chandan took on the other man. The assailants charged towards the brothers slashing their hands and legs. The brothers gave a tough fight and managed to pin down one while the other escaped.

In the meanwhile, other members of the family alerted neighbours and friends, who in turn informed the police.

The police shifted Sudhakar and those injured to a hospital. They have also admitted the injured suspect to a hospital where he is unconscious and are awaiting his recovery to interrogate him.