Two-day toil empties out PES flood water

Two-day toil empties out PES flood water

The PES University at Electronics City on Sunday finally cleared all the water that had entered its campus, after a continuous effort of two days. They will now fumigate the entire area.

On Friday, the PES management had to evacuate students from hostels in the South campus in the wake of the flood. On Saturday, the water receded by half and by Sunday, the institute was able to clear all the water on the campus. However, classes will begin only on Thursday.

Speaking to Deccan Herald on Sunday, D Jawahar, chief executive officer of PES Institutions, said they wanted to fumigate the place now that the water was flushed out.

“Since the Rajakaluve is working now, the water has gone out and there is no problem. However, we want to fumigate the whole place. On Sunday, we finished cleaning the ground floor. We did pressure washing. The water sumps were cleaned and so were the overhead tanks.”

He said that they had taken the water samples for testing to ensure that they provide a safe environment once the students return. Biocides and fungicides will also be sprayed.

“After the spraying, no one can be around for 24 hours. Hence, we have taken time till Thursday to resume classes,” Jawahar said.

Meanwhile, the institution’s representatives will attend a stakeholders’ meet on August 20 to find a solution to the problem. The institution is planning to put forth a request for a PPP initiative, wherein the companies in the vicinity of the lake will be asked to dip into their corporate social responsibility funds for efforts to treat sewage before it enters the lake.
The institution hopes to arrive at a solution with the participation of all local stakeholders and the government.