Two pubs face music over post-deadline tunes

Two pubs face music over post-deadline tunes

The city police arrested managers of two pubs in Koramangala for playing loud music.

Upping the ante against erring pubs and bars creating nuisance, the city police arrested managers of two pubs in upscale Koramangala and booked their owners for playing loud music after the deadline. 

The crackdown came after Koramangala Police received a complaint from residents of 80 Feet Road in Koramangala 4th Block against Cheers Pub and Restaurant, where loud music was being played even after midnight on Saturday.

Sub-inspector Shyam M visited the spot and found merit in the complaint. He called Prabesh Gurung, the manager of the pub, and questioned him on playing loud music even after the deadline. He also asked for the permission letter from the city police commissioner to play music in the pub.

The manager told the officer that he was playing the music as per the instruction from the owner. 

Police later arrested him and filed a case against him and the pub owner under the Karnataka Police Act and IPC Section 290 (public nuisance). He was later fined Rs 4,000 and released on bail. 

In another case, Gastro Pub and Restaurant was also accused of violating the rules. Police visited the spot and arrested Shek Sahanawaj Husen, manager of the pub, for creating nuisance. He, too, was fined and later released on bail. 

Koramangala police said as many as 20 pubs under their jurisdiction had been fined for playing loud music and also for not taking necessary permission from the police commissioner.

After notices were served and fines imposed, some pub owners have applied for licence, police said, adding that they were processing the applications.

The police action comes in the wake of citizens' crusade against the mushrooming of illegal pubs in Bengaluru.