The unending repair of Channasandra Main Road

The unending repair of Channasandra Main Road

Channasandra Main Road has been dug up for more than four months now.

The complaining commuters of Channasandra Main Road are now of the view that the BBMP’s effort to free the stretch of potholes is only adding to the problem.

The road in the Kadugodi ward was dug up four months ago as a part of a repair plan. Residents and commuters now complain that the road has not been restored yet, thus amounting to further congestion.

The stretch from Channasandra till Hope Farm was in a wretched condition. As the work began four months ago, residents say, there has been an alarming rise in the amount of dust kicked up thanks to the pipe-laying.

“The road has turned too dangerous, especially for school children as there are two schools and a college along the road. The dust is a health hazard. There are no proper street lights on the road. BBMP should resolve these problems immediately,” says Shankar Kumar, a Channasandra resident.

Residents also say the road was fairly wider before the repair work started. The pipeline work has now reduced the road width by half. To top it all, the road has potholes everywhere now.

“There has been no progress in the work for the past four months. I wish the work gets completed soon,” says Kumar. According to Kumar, the ward committee meetings are far from regular.

“Had there been a ward committee meeting, we would go and raise the issue. Such meetings never take place here,” Usha M, another resident complains. 

Meanwhile, the BBMP seems clueless, not committing to a specific deadline, saying the road work will be completed in a few months.

“Commuters should adjust a bit. The drainage work is going on in some stretches, which will be completed soon,” says an official.