Varthur lakebed ruined after KC Valley work

Varthur lakebed ruined after KC Valley work

The KC Valley work leaves has Varthur Lake damaged with debris dumped around the waterbody

The digging of Varthur lakebed to lay pipelines as a part of the KC Valley project has caused an irretrievable damage to the lake. The Lake Citizens team members claim that it would take years to restore the same.

The minor irrigation (MI) department had taken up a construction activity on the lakebed to install KC Valley pipelines. It has been months since the project got terminated, the department is yet to remove the soil that it dumped on the lakebed.

The residents of Varthur in East Bengaluru claim that it was spoiling the ecology and environment of the lake.

“The MI department is delaying the removal of soil from the lakebed. It has reduced the wetland almost to nothing,” said Mahesh Kumar, one of the members of Lake Citizens Team.

The residents, including lake activists, said the department had dug out the soil in the buffer zone to install pipelines which is against the NGT guidelines.

They also claimed that the department constructed a road-like structure on the lakebed which has consumed a part of the wetland.

According to the records prepared by the Lake Citizens team members along with experts, a total length of 2.73 km and the width varying from 117ft to 195ft of the lakebed has been encroached by the department for its activities.

“The lake has already encroached at a few places by private properties. Now, the MI department has consumed some part of the lakebed,” said Jagadish Reddy, Varthur Rising group member.

Ramprasad V, co-founder and convenor of Friends of Lakes, raised the issue of discharge of harmful chemicals into the water of the lake due to the improper management of the sewage treatment plant (STP).

“The BWSSB should run the STP with strict real-time monitoring systems and water quality parameters specifically regarding heavy metals that are entering the food chain,” he said.

Minor Irrigation (South) Department chief M Ravindrappa said the department got necessary approvals before the work started.

“We have started removing the dumped soil from the lakebed on Ramagondanahalli’s side. We can’t carry out the work during daytime as it might disrupt the public, we are doing it only during the night,” he said.

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