IISc blast: Victims in danger of infection

Doctors at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, where those injured at the IISc laboratory blast are getting treatment, said they are concerned about the foreign objects that entered the victims’ body.

Ramaiah Memorial Hospital president Dr Naresh Shetty said though almost all foreign objects — mainly wooden and metal pieces — have been removed, the students face an imminent threat of infection.

“Usually, it will take four to five days for an infection to develop in case the foreign bodies are still present. Since the patients are young, they will fight it out. We will have to just check how they would react to the treatment now,” Dr Shetty added. Karthik Shenoy (25), one of the three injured students, received blood transfusion since his injuries resulted in the loss of blood. Shenoy is on a ventilator but in a stable condition. Naresh Kumar (33), another injured student, is also stable and doctors are planning to remove the ventilator, while the third student Athulya Uday Kumar (24) has been moved to the ward.

Dr Shetty said the patients’ parents are inquiring about the line of treatment and the prognosis. Though the shock of the blast is wearing out, the caretakers remain anxious.

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IISc blast: Victims in danger of infection


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