Vogue clarifies on row, says students being misled

Up in arms: Former students of the Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology staged a protest in the front of the institute on Friday, alleging cheating by the management during the admission.

The management of Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru on Saturday clarified on the row, where few students have alleged the management misleading them during the admission. On Friday, 12 candidates, claiming to be the former students of Vogue Institute, who gave up the course for various reasons, alleged that the management was not returning their academic documents nor refunding the fees, and making them to run to pillar to post from past six months. They protested in front of the administrative office along with the support of Akhila Bharata Vidyarthi Parishat (ABVP) and took the assurance in written format from the management in the late night, after they called off the protest.

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology on further clarified on the allegations made by the students on approval of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for the newly started courses. On Friday the members of Akhila Bharata Vidyarthi Parishat (ABVP) and students (claiming to be the former students of the institute) alleged that the college has not got valid approval from AICTE to start PGDM courses.

Dr M M Kariappa, Founder and Chairman of Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology clarified that among 12 people who turned up, 11 of them are their students, who have attended the classes, practical examinations and internals held in December in their college. “There was one student who was also demanding to settle her dues. We remember returning her documents and refunding her fees long back. Rest of the students were very much part of our institution, and all of sudden on Friday they turned up protesting to return their documents. Even to return the document, there is a procedure to follow. How is it possible to return the documents and refund the fees in one day?,” asks Kariappa, by showing the valid proof of the affiliation for his institution from All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE).

Cariappa surfaced the documents of getting approval from AICTE in April 2018. "Ours is 23 year old institution, without valid approval its impossible to start any course. In April 2018, we got the approval for the PGDM course," Cariappa told DH, by surfacing the documents of getting approval from AICTE. He further added that these are all intended to tarnish the image of his institution. "Students have been misguided by some people for their political and personal gains," he added. 

Asked him the reason behind the protest, Kariappa said, “I think these students have been misused by someone to their personal or political gains. I feel pity for them as they are spoiling their precious life. If at all they are demanding the settlement from past six months what is necessary for them to attend the class or take up the internals and practical examinations conducted by our college. So there is someone behind this, who is intended to tarnish the image of our institution and spoil students’ future.”

The very first batch of the Vogue Institute’s PGDM program was commenced with 39 students. Since one person opted out after a week of the classes started, the strength was reduced to 38.

A student, who is performing PGDM in Vogue also confirmed that those students were very much part of the class till Friday. “I don’t know what happened all of a sudden they were very much part of our classes. All of sudden we were shocked to see them protesting. What ever the allegations they are making are baseless. We have well qualified faculties and resource persons,” a student told DH.

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